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Budget and Collection Management: Teacher Librarian’s role 

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Teacher Librarian as:


  1. With the business manager to review and determine the annual budget

  2. With the library manager (library technician) to discuss collection budget needs and assess circulation data

  3. With department heads to review and determine textbook needs

  4. With students to discuss their needs


  1. Conducting needs-based surveys with staff and students

  2. Conducting curriculum and collection mapping activities

  3. Approving purchases

  4. Presenting at and attending department meetings and leadership meetings

  5. Presenting resources in library newsletter


  1. Problem-solving to find the best budget outcome

  2. Working closely with department heads to make use of their budgets for resources specific to their work and needs e.g. textbooks and department specific apps

  3. Pooling budgets together

  4. Fundraising and grants

  5. Promoting book donations from the community


Lamb, A. & Johnson, H. L. (2012). Program administration: Budget management. Retrieved from

[Reflection: Module 3.1]

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