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Digital Environments

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Over my teaching career, I have taught in schools with no access to digital material or digital technologies, schools with limited computer labs (dated technology and limited access to resources) and now 1:1 schools (school-dictated and BYOD). I have found enhanced textbooks from JacPlus have been very useful resources for exploring concepts in a variety of modes (text and video) but are still limited when I compare them against Apple’s enhanced textbooks (highlighting tools, annotating, etc.) as mentioned in James and de Kock (2013). As Lena said, new features available through ClickView have been very beneficial in my classroom. I have been able to create interactive videos with embedded quizzes throughout, which has replaced the paper worksheet but have I truly been successful in embedding these in my lessons or, as Combes (2016) and many others posit, is it just simply a replacement? I’m still working that one out. Does it become truly and effectively embedded when it forms a substantial part of the information seeking and learning process rather than just a way to save paper? I suppose it needs to enhance the learning experience in a way that paper-based does not. As many people have mentioned, professional development for teachers in the area of embedding digital tools into teaching programs would be beneficial. At this point, it seems to be a mixed bag of some teachers reimagining their units and embedding these tools and teachers who are simply changing tools. There are so many possibilities and tools that we can take advantage of to enhance our students’ learning. It’s been great to explore more of these so far.


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