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Exploring Digital Forms: Incorporating tools into practice

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

It was fantastic to explore the different categories and examples of digital literature in this module. I find some modes of digital literature challenging to navigate and sites difficult to engage with (and some sites not offering all aspects due to regional restrictions and others no longer available – perhaps this is a big challenge of access for digital literature). By far, my favourite is immersive and multimedia journalism. I feel that this mode really engages the reader and develops feelings of empathy or connection between story and reader. This way of presenting information heightens the experience and delves deeply into the topic to explore it on a different level. The Guardian has created some fantastic interactive resources, which I will definitely be using in my practice. Their Visual Journalism catalogue has a range of resources, which would be suitable for schools. As well as the incredible FireStorm report, they also have a History of Australian Bushfires interactive and Jacob’s Story about an Indigenous boy’s journey through the youth justice system, which includes elements of “choose your own adventure”.

In terms of incorporating social networking sites for literature organisation and access into my practice, I think GoodReads provides an excellent opportunity. As part of our Yr 8 – 9 Literature Circles assessment (between the library and English Department), the project culminates with the students creating an audio book trailer. This book trailer could be uploaded to Good Reads in order to share their thoughts with a wider audience. Additionally, GoodReads could provide students with a place to contribute and share their ideas about the book on forums before creating their trailers. This collaboration could help to inform their final product. Alternatively, the students could upload their reviews to YouTube, which could be another suitable social networking site.

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