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Reflection: Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

I think the phrase “the tool is directing the user” means that new developments in technology have created easier navigation for the user. AI predicts how people might want or need to use technology in the digital environment; thus, completing some of the task or thinking for the user. This may range from simple tools such as spell check to more complex tools such as a search engine. Microsoft has recently released two major updates for Office, which incorporate the use of AI. This includes a huge improvement to the way in which the spell check works by including suggestions to reduce wordiness and correct word choice errors and the ability to cite with more ease, as the program predicts the most appropriate citation for certain references (Lopez, 2016). These tools direct the path the user takes rather than the user directing the path. A look at Google’s Inside Search interactive story gives an overview of how the search engine works and how algorithms have enhanced the results people receive when searching. This may enhance results but it hasn’t necessarily enhanced people’s skills of searching. Is AI doing the hard thinking for us?

Google have recently introduced another AI element to their search tool. According to Wired senior staff writer, Cade Metz, this new approach is called deep learning and it is revolutionising the way in which people interact with technology (2016). Many forms of technology, programs and/or software were once reserved for those in positions of authority or the very tech savvy. Nowadays these technologies are more user-friendly than ever. Google has developed this new way of enhancing their search results by building neural nets, which is more sophisticated than the algorithms built by their human employees. With this embedded AI in search engines, the user loses some control over the path they take and their results but according to Metz “Google believes, the benefits outweigh that sacrifice” (2016).

Click to view the Interactive: How Google Search Works

Google’s self-learning AI is the next level of this technology. Deep Mind has developed AI technology for general use in a range of contexts.

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