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The Library: A Leader in Professional Development

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

To assist teachers in their PD and to overcomes these barriers (particularly in terms of limited budgets), we in the library have offered afternoon PD sessions usually for ICTs, and we’re including links to professional reading and journals in our monthly e-news for staff. We could also present short sessions during department meetings related to pedagogy, literacy instruction or research skills for current needs. We are also putting our hand up to support the implementation of our new LMS in 2019 by providing staff support and PD. Through our network meetings, we can also bring back to the school valuable insight to share with the wider staff group. In this way, we can tip Cole’s (2012) funnel of professional learning transference on its head. We can dissect what is delivered during external PD, make it applicable to our school setting, assist staff in resource curation and creation to apply and trail the new practice, assist staff in reflection and feedback, help those early-adopters to add the high-quality practice to their arsenal, help others to adopt the practice also, all the while garnering support and participation along the way.


Cole, P. (2012). Linking effective professional learning with effective teaching practice. Retrieved from

[Forum Reflection: Module 4.2]

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