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The State of School Libraries in Queensland

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

My biggest challenge for 2021 so far was to compile a snapshot of the state of play for school libraries and library staff in Queensland. The Students Need School Libraries Queensland ePetition gave the impetus for gathering a clearer picture, or a glimpse, into the current provisioning of Queensland school libraries and the strengths and opportunities of school libraries. I felt it was vital to include examples of specific practices to reveal the nuances within work that we do and the way in which we amplify learning. The results of a state-wide survey and accompanying discussion are now live and published in the latest issue of ACCESS (Vol. 35, Issue 2 June, 2021). The issue is full of fabulous articles exploring all facets of teacher librarianship (including ACCESS' very own tbt with an article by founding editor Andrew Perry).

You can read or download the article below.

Download PD • 423KB

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