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Reflection: Are school librarians an endangered species?

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

New York Public Library. (2008). Work with schools, teachers’ reference room: a teacher find… [Photograph]. Retrieved from

After viewing Karen Bonanno’s keynote address, the take home message I received is that school librarians are endangered if you allow them to be (CSU-SIS Learning Centre, 2011). Bonanno spoke of the need to upskill and the need to use opportunities and take advantage of initiatives in the education system. Rather than seeing change as a threat, we (as TLs) must interpret the information (curriculum documents, government policy and findings) to find connections with our role and the services we can offer and see these opportunities as the potential for growth and to be visible and valuable members of the school community.


CSU-SIS Learning Centre (Poster). (2011, October 23). ASLA 2011. Karen Bonanno, keynote speaker: A profession at the tipping point: Time to change the game plan [Video file]. Retrieved from

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